Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knot Nice!

I can't express in mere words how irritated I get when I'm in the groove with my knitting or crochet and out comes a huge tangled mess of yarn from the middle of an innocent looking skein. Instead of getting more accomplished, I have to put down the project and spend an inordinate amount of time sorting through the twists and turns of the knot. I get so disgusted at the loss of my time, I have to restrain myself from tossing the whole thing out.
As frustrating as it is, it's best to complete the knot removal right away. Once I put the project into my tote or plastic bin, the knots multiply and get more twisted. That often leads to cutting the knot out, which I absolutely hate to do. I'll snip only as a last resort. I firmly believe that yarn has magical qualities. I've seen people nod and their eyes light up when the word "Noro" was uttered reverently in a yarn store. I've personally heard the siren song emanating from innocent-looking skeins sitting unobtrusively in a sale basket. I respect the power of the yarn, and I strive to work with it. I just wish it wouldn't work against me.