Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I have vowed to turn this blog into something special. I haven't been able to update at all these past few months because things got a bit crazy.  One of our dogs became very ill and passed.  I joined a new church and have become active in the prayer shawl ministry.  Plus, I've picked up some craft shows over the summer and have become involved with a local artisan group:  Rochester Artisans.   It's a great group that has gotten me to think a lot about where crochet and knitting fit into the world of art and artistic expression.  I plan to post tutorials-hopefully by the end of next week.  But, it'll have photos instead of video.  I'm still having trouble getting the video right.  I don't know if it's me,  the program to edit the video with, how I'm getting it off the camera, or if the file format from the camera into the folders isn't right.  But, I have to take time to play with it. 
  I currently am participating in an exhibition at The Dryer House Gallery in Victor, NY that was coordinated by the Rochester Artisans group leader.  The theme is "Blue"-everything in the exhibition is the color blue.  I have a shawl:
When I  saw the yarn at the store it just screamed waterfall.  It looked and felt so cool on a day it was very hot.
There's also a set of motifs that I framed.  I got the idea from Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  They had a room in a recent issue that had a framed doily. I thought three motifs would look nice as well as one doily.
Next, there were three snowflakes done in blue thread called "Winter Blues" because if you live in Western NY, you know how long the winters can seem.
There's also a ribbon yarn scarf I knit up and turned out to be a big hit.

 Anyway, there's more to come, so thanks for your patience!  I'm currently getting my Fall show schedule together, so that will be updated this week as well. 

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