Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things Don't Always Go as Planned

Unfortunately, the exhibition at the Dryer House Gallery closed unexpectedly, because the Dryer House closed.  You can see the details in this article from the Democrat and Chronicle.  But, despite the disappointment, it was a good experience.  It was great to think of crochet and knit as art forms, not just as a craft, and how I could take my skills and take them further into the art world.  I plan to keep working on crochet and knit as art, and do a few artsy type crochet projects that I can use in other exhibitions.

But now, my craftiness has taken a temporary turn away from the knit and crochet.  It's all because of this guy:

His name is Freddy, and he's a 7 year old hunk of labby love.  We adopted him from his former owner who has some health problems and needed to find him a good home.  Our Vet's office recommended us to her and things went well during the two meetings we had.  He limps a little, and has a touch of arthritis, so we were happy that he took to the orthopedic dog bed we'd bought for our last lab.  He has a crate, and since he spent his first night there, I thought I'd make him an orthopedic crate pad to go inside.  I saw a couple in the pet store, and wasn't too thrilled with what they had at the price they wanted.  So, being a crafty person, I figured I could do it better myself.  Details, in the next post....