Friday, January 27, 2012

When is a Crate Pad, Not a Crate Pad?

 When it becomes a throw!  Freddy only slept in his crate on his first night with us, and he spends a lot of time on the love seat.  Instead of making the crate pad, I decided to use the fabric for something he can lay on, or lay up against or snuggle under if it gets cold.  And yes, I really spoil my dogs. 
 I wanted to back the black fabric with the piece of white fabric I have, for a little contrast.  But the piece I have was too small.  So, I backed the black piece with a piece of solid black fleece.  It turned out nicely, and I was very proud of myself...until I picked it up and saw all the dog hair!  I should have realized that  light brown dog hair would show up against a black background.  Freddy is the first dog who'd shed.  Heidi was a chocolate lab, and she didn't shed too much.  Chloe is a bichon mix, who doesn't really shed.  Katie was a terrier mix with dark hair, who didn't really shed either.  Oh well, live and learn.  The throw gets washed frequently, and it's held up well thus far.  I made a pillow out of the white fabric.  I have a couple of  pieces left, so I could make a couple more pillows, or something else.

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