Monday, September 24, 2012

Secure Your Electronic Devices.....

especially when you're using an outdoor portable toilet.  Two weekends ago, I sold my crafted wares at the Sweden Harvest Festival.  It was in a cemetery that surrounds the Farmer's museum in the town of Sweden, which is in the western part of Monroe County.  The festival itself was set up on the museum lawn, but the 5k race went, at least partially through the narrow gravel paths that wound through the cemetery.  Quaint setting, but rather spooky, since it was an older cemetery, with crypts built right into the hillside.

But, I felt like I'd arrived.  It was my first real festival.  I've done garage sales at churches and at our town's historical society, but nothing like a festival.  Since I knew the September weather can be changeable, I bought my first canopy!  And, it had sides you could attach as well, which I left home because the forecast was promising.  Loading in and setting up went very smoothly. Looking back at my tent from across the lawn, I felt like I'd arrived.

I couldn't shake this feeling of uneasiness.  Like something really bad was about to happen.   I can be very superstitious.  I spent 15 years as a nurse, and it always seemed when there was a full moon on a Friday, or if somebody said the word "quiet" all hell broke loose.  Even though I haven't worked in many years, the feeling lingers.  First off, the festival was in a cemetery, and I was assigned space 13.  I'm not scared of the number 13.  The notion of bad things happening to or onto things associated with that number are just folklore.

Then, it was time for a bathroom break.  I was rather impressed with the portable toilet they had.  It was actually rather spacious, and appeared to still be clean, and it didn't rock when I moved around inside.  I hate using them, because I always think that if I sneeze, or move too fast, either the door will fly open, or the whole thing will fall on it's side, and I'll fall out.

I had on a hooded, zip front sweatshirt, and had tucked my car keys and cell phone inside the left pocket.  I must have jostled it when I zipped my pants, because the next think I knew, my keys and phone were falling towards the seat.  Luckily, I was fast enough to catch my keys. But the cell phone bounced off the seat, and into the blue tinted muck.  I immediately shoved the sleeve of my sweatshirt up my arm, and plunged my arm in after it.  Thankfully, the crowd at the festival was quite light, so it didn't take long for me to find the phone. I threw out the case, and wiped it thoroughly with toilet paper and napkins.  I dialed my home number to see if the phone would work, and eureka!  I was able to place the call.  I rubbed some hand sanitizer on the phone and my hands afterwards, then disinfected the phone, my watch, and scrubbed my right arm once I got home.  Lesson learned-when using a portable toilet, always place your valuables in your pants pocket.  Thank goodness the rest of my shows are indoors.  I'll be updating my schedule in a day or two.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I am a nurse too (currently out of work), and I DO know what you mean about that "uneasy" feeling. Good thing your phone still worked, but eeeeeewwwwwww! I don't know if I would even think about using it after that "mishap". Funny as hell though...when they say s--- happens, man they aren't kidding.

Stefani said...

I have no idea what I would have done in that circumstance, Pat! Not ruling out the same as you - but mostly hope I'm never tested!